Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Dixie Contest Turns Into Shoot-out

With Republican challenger Josh Brecheen nipping at his heels, Democratic Senator Jay Paul Gumm has attacked and Brecheen has responded in their battle for the District 6 seat in Little Dixie.

The shoot-out began with Gumm alleging that horseman Brecheen is not really a rancher and doesn’t have a ranch because he does not pay property taxes. The Brecheen campaign responded, "These are knowing and intentional lies by Mr. Gumm. As everyone in Clarita and Olney knows, Josh operates a 160 acre ranch at the junction of routes 48 and 31. He and Kacie pay property taxes on their own home in Olney, located on 5 acres that have been in the family for two generations."

Gumm also alleged that Brecheen doesn't own a ranch truck, to which the campaign responded that he does, with truck farm tags.

Gumm also alleged that Brecheen didn’t vote before he began work for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn as his field representative. Brecheen's campaign responded that he did vote, in Payne County as he attended the Oklahoma State University College of Agriculture.

Gumm also alleged that Brecheen "took $250,000 of government payments from the taxpayers." That, the Brecheen campaign responded, represents six years of salary from Coburn's office.

Below is a new commercial Brecheen is airing.

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