Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enid Newspaper Endorses Holland, Costello

Editorial/The Enid News & Eagle ~ Kim Holland, Democrat incumbent insurance commissioner, came into office in the wake of a scandal.

That office had been dragged down by scandal from two previous insurance commissioners.

So, it is easy to say Holland had nowhere to go up when she first was appointed by Gov. Brad Henry to fill the position left vacant by Carroll Fisher when he resigned amid criminal charges.

Since then, she ran for re-election in 2006 and has done a good job in bringing back professionalism to the office.

She is opposed in the race by Republican John Doak, a Tulsa businessman and insurance professional.

We believe Holland deserves a second full term in office.

We are most impressed with her ability to communicate with people regarding issues that affect them and the insurance industry.

She also has been forthright in communicating the effects of the new health care plan without political spin.

Doak certainly is a professional and has the credentials to be insurance commissioner; yet, Holland has performed admirably and deserves to continue in that role.

The labor commissioner’s office, unfortunately, has seen its share of disgrace by the current incumbent, Lloyd Fields, Democrat.

It is time for a change in leadership in that office.

Mark Costello is the Republican candidate for labor commissioner, and he gets our nod.

Costello is an Oklahoma City businessman who says his experience in creating private-sector jobs will be helpful in the labor commissioner’s office.

He understands the need to fight for private-sector jobs, and he has the credentials to get the job done.

We don’t like the labor commissioner’s office being overly politicitized, and that is an area Costello will have to work hard to earn the trust of Oklahomans.

Still, Costello is the best option in this race to bring integrity and professionalism back to the labor commissioner’s office.

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