Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dueling Polls: Democrats Claim Gumm Leads, But Official Sees Fallin Over Askins In Little Dixie

On the heels of a Cole Hargrave And Snodgrass poll showing Republican Josh Brecheen with a six percent lead over veteran Democratic Senator Jay Paul Gumm in southeastern Oklahoma's District 6, Democrats today claimed Gumm has a 16 percent lead.

But in so doing, a party official admits Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin may be outpolling Democrat Jari Askins because he notes what he says are the presence of Fallin-Gumm voters. It's a startling admission of top-of-the-ticket-weakness less than two weeks before election day.

"The most recent polling data out of Senate District 6 shows Sen. Jay Paul Gumm (D-Durant) with a sizeable lead over GOP challenger Josh Brecheen," a release from the Oklahoma State Senate Democratic PAC says.

Their poll shows that Gumm holds a 55-39 percent lead over Brecheen, with more than 75% of Sen. Gumm’s supporters “certain” of their support for Gumm on Election Day.

“These most recent poll numbers show that, when it comes down to it, voters in Senate District 6 support Sen. Gumm,” said Sen. Andrew Rice, Chairman of the Oklahoma State Senate Democrat PAC. “This poll shows that voters have their minds made up, and they support Sen. Gumm and the good work he has done for his neighbors in Southeast Oklahoma.”

The poll data released by Senate Democrats today comes from an automated poll of 562 likely voters completed earlier this week in Senate District 6 by Zata3 Consulting.

“These poll numbers show that voters support Sen. Gumm based on his record of results for his district and ignore the partisan rhetoric coming out of his opponent’s campaign, as we see a significant number of voters planning to ‘split’ the ticket and vote for both Mary Fallin and Sen. Gumm,” said Jody Murphy, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State Senate Democrat PAC.

District 6 includes all of Bryan, Johnston and Marshall counties, most of Coal County and a portion of Atoka County.

[Brecheen and his wife, Kacie, are parents of a baby boy born this morning.]

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