Friday, October 15, 2010

Doak Challenges Holland On SQ744 Position

John Doak, the Republican nominee for insurance commissioner, has challenged incumbent Kim Holland to take a position on the controversial State Question 744.

Doak's challenge comes as the Oklahoma Education Association, among those pushing for approval of the measure, features an endorsement of Holland in an open letter to members from President Becky Felts on its Facebook page bracketed by stories and artwork in support of the measure.

“This measure would be extremely harmful to our state,” Doak said, “and would have a devastating impact on our state budget. I urge my supporters to vote no on State Question 744.”

SQ 744 amends the Oklahoma Constitution to require that the Oklahoma Legislature annually provide an amount of funding, based per pupil, for public schools equal to the average of the amount spent by the states surrounding Oklahoma. Those surrounding states are Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

The question specifies that if those states cut education spending, Oklahoma’s appropriation must remain the same.

“State Question 744 would be disastrous for Oklahomans and Oklahoma business,” Doak said. “Kim Holland has yet to take a public stance on it, and I believe the voters have a right to know each candidate’s position.”

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