Friday, October 29, 2010

Cole Calls Roberts Out On Dirty Trick Advertising

Congressman Tom Cole today ripped into misleading newspaper ads distributed by Ardmore Republican Frank Simpson’s opponent, former Senator Darryl Roberts.

“Frank Simpson is the only candidate I support for state Senate," Cole said. "Unfortunately, his opponent has used my name without permission in his advertising. In fact, he is using a quote that is more than 10 years old in an attempt to fool the voters of the 14th District."

“The reality is that I am a strong supporter of Frank Simpson. I’ve been actively involved in his campaign because I know Frank Simpson is a genuine conservative who cares about our values and who has spent his entire life serving people. He will make a great senator.”

Said Simpson: “Congressman Tom Cole’s endorsement is a great honor. Like Congressman Cole, I feel our country is at a crossroads and our future is in jeopardy. Our conservative message of limited government and lower taxes is resonating with voters across the district. We are excited about the momentum behind our campaign from the people of Senate District 14."

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