Sunday, September 5, 2010

Startled: Startled to see in a poll that a huge majority apparently favor State Question 744. I'll be voting no.

Just A Damned Minute: Black ministers say DA David Prater is a racist for forcing the removal of a black judge from the Ersland murder case. The ministers appear to be saying the judge's ethics and conduct don't matter, just support her because of the color of her skin. That is racism personified.

Final Address: Mrs. McCarville and I have just completed our Final Plans. Our final address will be Level 2 in the Crypt at Arlington Memory Gardens. I'll be the one in the urn with the label, "What's Left Of Mike McCarville."

The Gadfly On The Wall
By Mike McCarville

Social Power: Read our polls on the races with an eye on what's going on rather than the actual results. I say this because what our polls really demonstrate is not so much the relative popularity of the candidates but the power of the campaigns to motivate supporters to vote via email, Twitter and Facebook. As was obvious in the primaries (and especially the 5th District primary and runoff), the power to call supporters to action via the social networks has become a new and all-important factor in campaigns. Look over the candidate websites; those that don't use the social networks are behind the 8-Ball.

Bristol & Levi: Proof positive that children should not have children. And proof that those determined to embarrass themselves will do so.

Ersland: Another delay. Will this case ever be resolved?

Hail Hell: The hail storm last May continues to boost the economy. I know, because I just wrote the check for replacement of the roof on a second property in as many weeks and will write yet another one soon. Insurance covered the costs. First insurance claims I've ever filed. State Farm may not be paying stock dividends this year.

Leavenworth 10: Friends Scott and Vicki Behenna led a procession of supporters this weekend outside Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, to show support for their son, Army Lt. Michael Behenna, and nine other military personnel imprisoned for alleged crimes against Iraqis. I don't know about the other nine, but I do know about Michael's case, and it is an outrageous miscarriage of justice; military prosecutors withheld evidence favorable to him but the "system" has yet to afford him a new trial.


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