Friday, September 10, 2010

RGA Vs Askins: No Truth In Advertising Here

By M. Scott Carter/The Journal Record ~ It if wasn’t so poorly done, the television advertisement by the Republican Governors Association that tries to paint Jari Askins as a clone of president Barack Obama would be funny.

Claiming Askins, the Democrat’s nominee for governor, is too liberal for Oklahoma, the ad goes on to tell those who bothered to watch it that Askins and the president both support immigration laws that the GOP considers to be a bad idea.

Funny thing, though, that proposal they’re talking about was written by a Republican state representative. Look closely and you’ll see the 2003 legislation the ad mentions was written by then-state Rep. Kevin Calvey.

Yeah, that Kevin Calvey.

Say what you want about Calvey, but the last thing in the world anyone can accuse Calvey of is being a liberal; seriously, this is the guy who filed a lawsuit against the federal health care plan. Liberal is not a part of his DNA.
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