Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MSM Gives 'Domestic Terrorists' A Platform

By John A. Tures/Associate Professor of Political Science, LaGrange College ~ By now, you've probably read in the national media how some dopey organizations are planning to burn the Koran.

Though it's treated as some great clash between freedom of speech and religion, it's nothing more than the media giving a platform to a tiny handful of domestic terrorists who hope to provoke Muslims into killing Americans.

In both the Florida and Kansas cases, some fools who have the audacity to call themselves religious organizations hope to burn a Koran, in order to get the attention that they don't deserve.

For an Oklahoma perspective on the MSM,
go to www.soonerpoll.com

The proof that neither group can recruit followers through legitimate methods is evidenced by their diminutive congregations. The only people dumber than these so-called "churches" are those in the "mainstream" news organizations, who give domestic extremists all the coverage they can handle.

Of course reporters aren't holding the match, but they're showing the match to the world.

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