Thursday, September 23, 2010

OFRG Adds One-Stop State Questions Website Page

Oklahomans for Responsible Government has added a page to its website designed to be a one-stop-shop for information on all 11 State Questions on the November ballot.

The page not only provides what Oklahoma voters will see when they go to the polls, it allows voters to get informed on the issues involved.

“We get a lot of questions from people about the ballot measures and what they would do,” said Brian Downs, OFRG Executive Director. “We set up the page to allow voters to get informed on all sides of the issue so that they can make an educated decision come November.”

The site gives the ballot title voters will see along with a summary written by OFRG and links to the Secretary of State’s website and Ballotpedia, an online, interactive almanac of state politics which goes in-depth on the issues from both sides.

“It can be confusing when you’re facing such a long list of questions in the voting booth, especially after the ballot titles have been rewritten by the Attorney General,” said Downs. “We want voters to understand what each question would do and then read up on both sides of the issue so they can make an informed choice.”

The page can be found at

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