Friday, September 10, 2010

Mike Reyolds To Burrage: Take Polygraph Test

Rep. Mike Reynolds has called on Auditor & Inspector Steve Burrage to take a polygraph test and answer questions related to the controversial Broken Arrow audit.

Burrage says he wants several individuals in his office to take polygraph tests to see if they leaked documents related to the audit; the contents of the documents were reported two weeks ago by radio station KTOK's news director, Jerry Bohnen.

“I believe the taxpayers deserve to have these inconsistencies addressed. If Burrage believes taking a polygraph test is appropriate, then he should lead by example,” Reynolds said. “Burrage stood in front of my press conference two weeks ago and announced the audit, as well as all work papers, would be released on September 2.

“That was obviously not the truth and the taxpayers of Oklahoma as well as Broken Arrow deserve better.”

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