Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Organizations Oppose SQ744

Several prominent labor organizations – including the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers (AFT) – today joined a large coalition of Oklahomans united in opposition to State Question 744.

Ed Allen, President of the Oklahoma City AFT said, “If passed, 744 will hurt all of education including our nationally recognized early education programs. The most alarming concern for our teachers is that 744 has zero guarantee any additional money will be spent in the classroom or for teacher pay. To not expressly protect and prioritize the two most vital components of education is simply the wrong way to advance funding,” said Allen.

Jimmy Curry, President of the AFL-CIO said, “State Question 744 is estimated to be a tax increase of about $1,200 for a family of four, which when combined with the anticipated cuts to state services, makes 744 a job killer for our members and the state of Oklahoma as a whole.”

Reno Hammond, with the Southwest Laborers' Union said, “Oklahoma needs to work together and not divisively. SQ 744 pits one area of state government against another to the detriment of the entire state.”

Jeff Wilson, campaign manager to the coalition said, “The announcement of the addition of these groups to the One Oklahoma Coalition brings an unprecedented level of unity among broad political interests that traditionally have had very differing philosophies.”

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