Friday, September 10, 2010

Askins Commercial Responds To RGA Attack

As Jari Askins' new commercial hit the airwaves, Mary Fallin's spokesman, Alex Weintz, responded with this statement: "Jari's new attack ad claims she's a conservative. We think we have a very different definition of ‘conservative’ than Jari does. A conservative is someone who opposes tax hikes, who supports gun rights, who speaks out against reckless spending and who does not sit on the sidelines while dangerous and wasteful big government policies are being forced on Oklahomans. Mary Fallin is a conservative, and she has spent her career as a state representative, lieutenant governor and a United States Congresswoman fighting for conservative policies. Jari Askins, on the other hand, has either fallen in lockstep with the Obama administration or has chosen to remain silent on issue after issue. She hasn't taken a position on the health care bill. She opposes simple gun ownership rights like conceal and carry permits. She won't stand up and fight illegal immigration here in Oklahoma. That's not conservative, and it's not leadership."

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