Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fallin Campaign Seeks Donations To Fight 'Attack'

Mary Fallin's campaign manager says the Republican nominee for governor is under "attack" and is asking for donations to purchase television commercial air time.

Denise Northrup, in an email to supporters this afternoon, writes, "It didn't take long for our opponent to launch her first attack against Mary. As soon as someone started asking tough questions about her statements and votes on illegal immigration, Jari Askins attempted to change the subject by launching an attack on Mary. And on top of her attack, she's now claiming to be a conservative! A conservative doesn't oppose tax cuts, vote against 'concealed carry' or refuse to take a stand against the big-government takeover of health care. All of which Jari Askins has done. We need your help TODAY to fight back! Click here to support Mary with a donation to our campaign so we can go on the air with our campaign ads ASAP! Our opponent has spent her millions trying to win elected office in Oklahoma. And she's at it again with her first attack against Mary. Please help us respond to this attack by giving to our campaign TODAY! Thanks for all you do!"

Fallin's appeal for donations is the latest development in a controversy that began when the Republican Governors Association, on Fallin's behalf, attacked Askins in a television commercial. Askins responded with a commercial of her own and it is the content of that commercial that prompted Fallin's claim she is being attacked.

[The National Rifle Association endorsed Drew Edmondson in his primary with Askins; he was given an "A" by the NRA's Political Victory Fund while Askins was given an "A-." Fallin was not endorsed in her primary, but NRA-PVF provided her a letter lauding her support of 2nd Amendment issues.]

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