Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Boren, Burns Hargis Oppose SQ744

The presidents of two state universities say they oppose a state question dealing with common education funding and urged a group promoting the measure to stop running television ads featuring university logos.

The ad supporting the passage of State Question 744 shows two families wearing gear from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.

The measure would require that per-pupil spending in Oklahoma be brought to the average of surrounding states.

In a joint statement issued late Wednesday, OU President David Boren and OSU President Burns Hargis voiced their opposition to the state question that is one of 11 measures on the ballot in November.

"Passage could also lead to damaging cuts in courses and programs. We strongly support improved funding for K through 12 education, however, State Question 744 provides no revenue sources to pay for its mandates. Without new revenue sources, it would cause destructive cuts in other vital state services, like higher education, vocational-technical education, highways, law enforcement and medical services. We do not recommend how anyone should vote, but we feel a responsibility to inform Oklahomans about the potential impact of this proposal," the joint statement said.

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