Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dan Boren: Eliminate Congressional Ethics Office

From The Tulsa World ~ One week after a case against U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas was recommended for dismissal, Rep. Dan Boren said Thursday the Office of Congressional Ethics may need to be eliminated for pursuing investigations without merit.

"There are multiple members who have been unfairly accused of wrongdoing, that have been publicly accused of wrongdoing, that have done nothing wrong,'' the Oklahoma Democrat said.

In 2008 Boren voted to create the ethics office, which was designed to bring greater accountability and transparency to the ethics process in the House.

For the first time in history, it allows an independent review of alleged ethics violations by people who are not current members of Congress.

"The OCE, I believe, has not improved the ethics process,'' Boren said. "In fact, they have embarked on some investigations without merit and have done so publicly in a way that has hurt members who have done nothing wrong."

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