Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Broken Arrow Ledger Seeks Auditor's Documents

From The Broken Arrow Ledger ~ The Ledger has requested to inspect all records related to the final draft version of the state audit reports and findings of Broken Arrow Public Schools.

The auditor's office has so far taken the position that the draft report is not an official document because it hasn't been published and is therefore not subject to the Open Records Act. [Auditor & Inspector Steve Burrage (picture), has criticized news reports that began with radio station KTOK.]

Auditor discredits leaked BA schools audit documents
Read this Tulsa World article at

Executive Editor William Swaim has sent a letter requesting the documents or the citing of a specific statutory exemption if the request is denied.

Swaim said he believes because it was presented to school officials for review, and was set to be released officially to the public Sept. 2 following standard procedures and state law, that it should have been made available to the public regardless of whether the state auditor decided at the 11th hour to pull it. Swaim said the fact the audit may have been compromised, raises more concerns about the process and the delay and what the findings and outcome may be, and should be made available to the public.

Trey Davis, a spokesman for the auditor's office, said the auditor will be meeting with the Attorney General's Office next week and will "inquire about the applicability of the open records act to the draft report and whether releasing any or all of the draft and associated work papers would compromise the AG's investigation."

"Regardless of when it is released, the draft report will remain a draft. It will not be approved by the State Auditor and will not be published as an official record of the agency," Davis said.

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