Thursday, September 23, 2010

Askins Tops $1 Million In Loans To Campaign

By Jerry Bohnen/NewsRadio 1000 KTOK ~ Campaign records show Lt. Governor Jari Askins has now loaned or given more than $1 million dollars to her campaign for Governor.

That represents not quite half of all of the $2.356 million raised as of August 9th, the date of her last campaign contributions and expenditures report filed with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission.

Records reflect loans and money given by Askins to her campaign totaled $1,075,000. The last loan was for $300,000 and was made this week.

Asked about her fundraising and giving more money to her campaign, Askins told KTOK's First News today, "It's gone pretty well. I'm pretty fortunate I'm a saver and for years I have saved my money."

She made no reference to the loans totaling more than $1 million. But Askins said she found the previous loans in the primary against State Attorney General Drew Edmondson were necessary.

"I've had to do that while people haven't known who I am very much, not well known across the state so I feel grateful I had a plan and was able to execute it."

She suggested in the interview that if she has to make more loans, she'll do it and she has the money on hand.

Askins said some of her investments had done well. "I've put myself in a position, if needed as in the primary, that I would be able to help myself."

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