Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Askins Puts The Lie To Amnesty Support Claim

Lt. Governor Jari Askins says the Republican claim that she supports amnesty for illegal immigrants is not true.

She discussed the claims and her position in an interview with radio station KTOK.

The station's news director, Jerry Bohnen, reports: Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins says she has never favored amnesty for illegal immigrants and still does not support it. It's what she told KTOK News following a civic club speech Monday noon in downtown Oklahoma City.

"That is not anything I have ever promoted," said Askins. "Amnesty is a federal issue and it's never been anything I've been involved with."

She said she is not surprised at the attack ads from the Republican Governor's Association, ads that accuse her of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

"I do think that the federal government needs to step up to the plate. We need to control our borders--we have not controlled our borders."

She also predicted that many more states will follow Arizona and Oklahoma in approving legislation aimed against illegal immigrants. "I think every other state will pass legislation until the federal government gets off their duff and does their job."

As for those attack ads trying to portray her as a Washington D.C. Democrat, Askins responded. "I think the people of my home county---and the folks that elected me as lieutenant governor know that I'm not a bit like Washington. I've never lived anywhere else. I've never worked anywhere else. All I know is how to do things like Oklahomans want it done."

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