Sunday, August 1, 2010

Worthen Denies Calvey Campaign 'Push Poll' Calls

A spokesman for Kevin Calvey's campaign for Congress says the campaign is not responsible for making "push poll" calls as charged by opponent James Lankford.

Trebor Worthen told The McCarville Report Online the Calvey campaign is not making the calls.

Writing earlier on Facebook, Lankford said, "It has already begun... I have reports tonight that my opponent has already begun deceptive phone 'push' polling. Brace yourself for a phone call that will sound like politics as usual negative campaigning. Yet another example of why we must change the status quo."

Asked if groups supporting Calvey could be making the calls, Worthen acknowledged that is possible, but Calvey wouldn't know about it because they cannot coordinate their activities with his campaign.

It's also possible the calls could be coming from the campaign of a potential general election opponent.

Dave White, Independent candidate seeking the seat, told TMRO, "In your blog today, you allude to the fact that the 'push polling' could potentially be coming from a general election opponent. Rest assured that it is not coming from the Dave White for Congress campaign."

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