Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watkins Paid By Auditor, Works At School Land

Terri Watkins, former KOCO-TV reporter who joined then-Auditor & Inspector Jeff McMahan's staff as his spokesperson, moved to the School Land Commission as its spokesperson last year but remained on Auditor Steve Burrage's payroll through June.

Burrage is a member of the Commissioners of the Land Office.
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Records examined by The McCarville Report Online show that Watkins collected her June paycheck of $5,833.33 from the auditor's office on June 30th.

She was announced to the commissioners as the new director of communications in November 2009, meeting minutes show: "New Personnel - Secretary (Mike) Hunter introduced Terri Watkins as the Director of Communications. Watkins is a loaned executive from the State Auditor’s Office."

Burrage assistant Trey Davis told TMRO, "We had an interagency agreement with CLO through the end of the fiscal year where CLO reimbursed SAI for Terri’s salary and other personnel costs. Terri was still technically an employee of this office assigned to CLO per the agreement. I believe she became an employee of CLO effective July 1, 2010 but they can confirm that. Her position with SAI was concluded on June 30, 2010."

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