Thursday, August 12, 2010

Suspicion Confirmed: No Obama, Says Askins Camp

By Jerry Bohnen/NewsRadio 1000 KTOK ~ The campaign manager for Lt. Governor Jari Askins in her bid to become the first woman governor of Oklahoma made it clear today there will not be an invitation to the White House to have the President visit Oklahoma.

"We don't have any plans to have any Washington politicians campaigning for the lieutenant governor," said Sid Hudson, the Askins campaign manager. "We're campaigning for the governor of Oklahoma and we're going to be asking lots of Oklahomans to help us in this campaign."

Without mentioning President Obama by name, Hudson told KTOK News it's not about 'nationalizing' the campaign. "This election is about Oklahoma and Oklahomans determining their future, so that's what we're gonna be campaigning about."

He explained Jari Askins has spent her entire political career working in Oklahoma and for Oklahomans---"Why would we change now?"

With that, Askins joins a growing crowd of Democratic candidates and officials nationwide who want nothing to do with President Obama as his ratings sink to record lows. Earlier this week when the President attended fundraising events in Dallas and Austin, Bill White, the Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate, did not attend.

When President Obama was elected, he did not carry any of Oklahoma's 77 counties [despite an early and ardent endorsement from Governor Brad Henry] and in his two years in the White House, has not visited the state.

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