Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Runoff Polls Now Open; Low Turnout Expected

The polls are now open for voters to make choices in a few races and the expectation is that turnout will be low.

The only statewide Republican runoff is for insurance commissioner, with John Doak and John Crawford the candidates.

The hottest race around is in the 5th District, where Kevin Calvey and James Lankford are the candidates. Turnout in this race could exceed expectations, given the voter turnout efforts being mounted by both candidates.

Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said, "This year, I would say the most high-profile race that we've seen publicized is the runoff in the 5th Congressional District for the Republicans, so I would anticipate you would probably see a higher turnout in that congressional district. I would anticipate we'll have fairly low turnout on Tuesday."

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