Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Republican Brecheen Draws Huge Durant Crowd

It was standing room only in Durant last night as more than 250 people packed a Main Street meeting room to hear Senator Tom Coburn endorse Josh Brecheen for the State Senate District 6 seat.

The room was so full that attendees were counted to be sure that the fire code occupancy limit wasn't exceeded.

Brecheen, a former field representative for Coburn, faces veteran Democrat Jay Paul Gumm in the November election.

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Brecheen's challange of Gumm has been touted for months as a race to watch by Republicans, but most observers viewed it as a race Gumm was surely to win given the lopsided voter registration favoring Democrats in the district.

Opinion seems to have shifted a bit in recent weeks, however, as Brecheen's campaign has gathered steam and his fundraising has actually outpaced that of Gumm.

Brecheen, a motivational speaker who also is active in the horse industry, apparently has attracted considerable support. In Tuesday night's crowd were farmers, ranchers, teachers, parents, local college students and housewives.

Muskogee blogger Jamison Faught, a GOP activist, wrote on his blog today, "I was able to attend the event, and let me tell you, the Democrats have plenty to fear. Over 250 people...and probably 90% in attendance were local residents."

Coburn brought the crowd to its feet with his endorsement of Brecheen. Coburn spoke of the qualities needed for those in leadership: humility, courage, and integrity, and Brecheen's modeling of each quality.

"I've known Josh Brecheen for over six years. I'd claim him as my son. I know his character. There is no guile, and there is no arrogance," Coburn said.

"Oklahoma is a shining star in this country... and the values that come from that are the Oklahoma values that make us have that issue of integrity foremost.

"Josh asked me to come down and I'm more than excited to do that...based on the hope for renewal in Oklahoma - that we'll look to what the best things are across the country and we'll incorporate those in Oklahoma for the future of our kids and grandkids, but also to be an example to the rest of the country on what works, why it works and what is at the foundation of that - our faith, our integrity, our courage, and our humility. And we have somebody that we have the opportunity to send to Oklahoma City that in my mind - I've traveled hours upon hours with this man, I've searched him up and down - if we get that opportunity in Oklahoma and don't take advantage of that, we all in Oklahoma will lose," Coburn said.

Photograph courtesy Karen Kraakevik.

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