Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RedState: Lankford 'Cinderella Man' In Race

From redstate.com/ ~ Incredible.

With Kevin Calvey having practically every big name endorsement in his pocket, this is a true David vs. Goliath victory. Lankford does have the backing of Mike Huckabee and J.C. Watts but still winning against such odds was very impressive. A director of the Christian retreat Falls Creek with an oak bass voice and a political newcomer, he was very impressive in the final debate before this past Tuesday’s primary election.

It should be noted that a GOP congressional candidate by the name of Rick Flanigan, who was not allowed to participate in the debate, evidently bought a time slot for a TV ad that ran immediately following the debate. In this TV ad, Flanigan attacked Calvey for authoring a 2003 Oklahoma state house bill that granted in-state tuition benefits to illegals. Sour grapes and a nice parting shot for not being able to participate in the debate? Could be. Nothing to take away from Lankford as his campaign has been very well run without a whole lot of money. But I have to say this ad may have hurt Calvey as well.

You can find out more about James Lankford at his website here. Calvey and Lankford face off in a runoff election on August 24.

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