Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pinnell Questions Askins' Silence On Arizona Law

Republican State Chairman Matt Pinnell today criticized Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jari Askins for what he said is her failure to speak out against policies of the Obama Administration.

His comments are a clear indication that the race for governor, pitting Askins versus Congresswoman Mary Fallin, will be "nationalized."

Pinnell said that while the Obama Administration continues to punish Arizona for daring to get tough on illegal immigration, states like Florida, Texas and Nebraska have all chosen to file “friend of the court” briefs stating their support of Arizona and its laws.

Pinnell said, “Attorney General Drew Edmondson’s refusal to fight illegal immigration is as frustrating as it is predictable. Whether it’s the federal takeover of the health care system or illegal immigration, Edmondson has shown time and time again that he is more in tune with the national Democrat Party than average Oklahomans.”

Pinnell said that, unlike other leading figures in the Oklahoma Democrat Party, Edmondson has at least taken a position.

“Edmondson is out of step with Oklahoma voters, but at least he has the courage to take a position. Meanwhile, the Democrat standard bearer in the race for governor, Jari Askins, once again has her head buried in the sand. She was silent when the Obama Administration pushed for its health care bill and now she is once again refusing to stand up to her party in Washington. What kind of a leader will Jari Askins be if she can not stand up to the president and her party in Washington and tell them that Oklahoma, like Arizona, will not stand for lawlessness at our southern borders? How can we expect her to lead when she does not have the courage to call her attorney general, who has endorsed her in her race, and ask him to defend our state from a relentless assault from the federal government? It is too important a time for Oklahomans to accept a leader who is content with her spot on the sidelines.”

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