Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Oklahoman: Lankford, Doak Best For GOP Nod

Editorial In The Oklahoman ~ Today's Republican runoff is drawing little interest in most of the state, for good reason. Only one statewide office is up for grabs. In Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District, however, that race won't be the only thing on the ballot.

For insurance commissioner, John Doak, 47, is clearly the better candidate against former Commissioner John Crawford, 78. The latter failed to win a second term in 1998 and left office under a cloud. Doak's integrity and industry experience make him the choice to oppose the Democratic nominee, incumbent Commissioner Kim Holland, giving general election voters two good candidates in November.

In the congressional race, two men are vying for a general election spot to succeed Mary Fallin. Former state Rep. Kevin Calvey, 44, is an Iraq war veteran and attorney. His opponent is James Lankford, 42, a political novice.

Lankford offers a breath of fresh air among conservatives. He's studious, reasonable and articulate. Either Calvey or Lankford would reflect the district's predominantly conservative constituency. Their voting patterns would vary little. But Lankford would bring a set of thoughtful ideas to the job that would help him shape policy, particularly if Republicans win back control of the U.S. House. Calvey's campaign has taken an ugly turn toward the negative in recent days.

The GOP nominee is an odds-on favorite to win in November. Thus, for Calvey and Lankford the runoff is for more than the nomination. The Oklahoman recommends Lankford for the job.

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