Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Oklahoman Chides Calvey In Editorial

Means to an end (Editorial in The Oklahoman)

Fifth District congressional race runner-up Kevin Calvey failed to gain the support of state Rep. Mike Thompson, who finished third in the July 27 Republican primary. Thompson endorsed front-runner James Lankford, leading Calvey to remark that "I don't think endorsements mean much." He may be right, but his own campaign puts stock in endorsements. Calvey's website has a section for endorsements and mentions that Calvey has won the support of the Club for Growth, the Oklahoma Rifle Association, the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee and Gun Owners of America, among others. Endorsements may not mean much, but the dollars that flow from endorsers mean a lot. Club for Growth's support of Tom Coburn six years ago was a key to his victory in the U.S. Senate race. Club for Growth money helped Calvey kick off an early onset and frequent ad campaign. The lesser-known Lankford, though, was endorsed by a plurality of primary voters — which means a lot.

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