Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OERB Kicks Off New Public Outreach Program

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) has kicked off a new outreach program that spotlights the oil and natural gas industry's tremendous impact on Oklahoma and the nation.

The campaign is designed to increase awarenesss of the contributions the industry makes to the state's economy and heritage.

Pete Brown, chairman of the OERB's Public Education Committee, said, "It's important for the citizens of our state to understand that our industry reaches far beyond the prices of gasoline at the pump. With every bit of oil and natural gas that is produced in this state, it provides jobs and tax revenue. It's the only industry that can promise to substantially support its citizens both ways."

The campaign includes advertising on television, radio, in publications and on Internet websites such as The McCarville Report Online.

The ads direct citizens to a new OERB website, www.oerb.com/AdvancingEnergy.

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