Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Noted Quote: Government Accusation 'Outrageous'

One does not need to support the Arizona law in order to conclude that the State Department's reference to the law is absurd, offensive, and contrary to common practice in the American legal system, in which we generally accept the judgment of a duly constituted court, not executive branch bureaucrats, as to what is legal and constitutionally appropriate.

Even if one supports the administration's position in regard to the Arizona law, its challenge to the law is based not on questions of human rights but on questions of federal vs. state sovereignty on questions of immigration law. For the State Department to accuse an American state of a human rights violation, and to do so in an international forum, is truly outrageous, even if one sides with the administration's position and opposes the Arizona law. ~ Former Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards, writing on www.politico.com.

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