Thursday, August 19, 2010

James Lankford: Kevin Calvey Attacks With 'Stream of deception,' Invented Story As Straw Man

James Lankford chides Kevin Calvey today in a Facebook note to 17,683 supporters, writing that, "Once again, the guy who looked straight into the camera at the KFOR televised forum and said, 'I will not go negative' released another negative ad, this time on radio. Please keep spreading the word and stay positive. August 24 is coming."

And today on Reid Mullins' morning KTOK show, Lankford said Calvey misrepresented remarks he made in an Edmond Sun interview as part of what Lankford said is a coordinated effort by the Calvey campaign to discredit him as via a "stream of deception."

It's the latest in a growing word battle between Lankford and Kevin Calvey, who face each other in next Tuesday's runoff for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.

The battle escalated earlier this week as Calvey mounted his attack on Lankford, sending a postcard message to voters claiming Lankford disrespected his military record, a line that apparently has become Calvey's closer in his campaign.

released a statement in which he said Calvey "invented a story" as a straw man and is guilty of "deception."

Lankford's strongly-worded critique of Calvey came as their battle entered its final week.

Said Lankford, the political newcomer who stunned Calvey and most of the political word by finishing first in the seven-way GOP primary: “It is an entirely a new low in politics to invent mud, then throw it. The Calvey campaign invented a story saying I attacked his military record, and then sent out a press release responding to the false story. This is the absolute worst kind of politics – deception for the sake of acquiring raw political power. It strikes at the core of what it means to be an honest representative,” Lankford said.

“I have never belittled Kevin Calvey's service as an attorney with the National Guard. He left his private law practice for a year to honorably serve his country in Iraq. I come from a military family and have a strong commitment to our military and those who serve our nation. This makes Kevin Calvey's accusation even more deplorable. Trying to manipulate the vote and the emotions of our honorable veterans for his political gain is appalling.

“Our campaign has focused on the issues throughout the entire campaign. As everyone in Central Oklahoma knows, Kevin Calvey is the one who has been on the attack through targeted direct mail. It is the ultimate irony that Kevin Calvey would accuse my campaign of being negative."

Lankford said character should be the number one attribute for a member of Congress. He continued by saying, “If you do not have good character in Oklahoma, you will not gain better character when you go to Washington. Clearly, Kevin Calvey has demonstrated that he is willing to deceive the voters of the 5th District in order to gain a seat in Congress. If he will deceive us now for his personal gain, what will he do in Washington DC.?”

Lankford said the voters of the 5th District will have the opportunity to demonstrate their feelings about Calvey’s campaign tactics on August 24th: “It is essential that Oklahomans are represented by someone who is passionate about solutions and ideas, not the politics of personal destruction,” Lankford said.

Meanwhile, Lankford's Oklahoma County campaign co-chairman, Pat Adams, sent this notice: "Kevin Calvey’s at it again. First it was push-polling and television advertising bought and paid for by his special-interest backers. Now, he and his handlers are attacking James Lankford on your doorstep. The truth is, the ads are wrong. The truth is, this is politics as usual. Thankfully, this election is not about James. This election is about the future of our country, our families and your voice in government. It is not about the voice of special interests who have poured thousands of dollars into the Run-off campaign to hold back the momentum you and James have built together. To find out what James' campaign for Congress is about, click on the attached video or click here. You and I work hard every day in the best interest of our country and for the betterment of our families. As you have heard James say many times, 'We can't change the status quo in Washington by sending the status quo to Washington.' Please join me in stopping politics as usual. Help James with your $10, $25, $50 or $100 contribution today by clicking here. James needs your immediate help to ensure a victory for all of our families on August 24th."

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