Saturday, August 7, 2010

Doak: Crawford Continues Unethical Conduct

From The Doak Campaign ~ Despite a misleading commercial that aired on television and appeared on YouTube in July, U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe is not endorsing John Crawford's 2010 campaign for reelection for Insurance Commissioner of Oklahoma following an FBI investigation into the misuse of public funds during Crawford's previous term.

"Senator Inhofe has informed Mr. Crawford's campaign on several occasions that it is inappropriate for them to use a 12-year-old endorsement," said Jared Young, Inhofe's communications director. "Senator Inhofe is not endorsing John Crawford in his 2010 race for the Insurance Commission."

In July, a 1998 commercial with a compliment from Sen. Jim Inhofe endorsing Crawford aired on television and was posted to YouTube, misleading viewers into thinking that Sen. Inhofe endorsed Crawford in his current campaign.

"Mr. Crawford lied to the Oklahoma public by airing the outdated commercial," said John Doak, who faces Crawford in the Republican runoff election Aug. 24. "Recycling a commercial and misleading voters into believing that you have an endorsement that you don't is just wrong. The matter demonstrates continued unethical conduct by my opponent."

However, a spokesman for Cox Communications said the old commercial was aired because of a misunderstanding on its part and Crawford is not to blame.

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