Friday, August 20, 2010

Calvey On KWTV Hot Seat; Defends Campaign
Kevin Calvey was on the hot seat on KWTV and KTOK this morning as he took questions about his misrepresentation of articles in The Edmond Sun and his attacks on his opponent.

Calvey tried to explain the falsification of the newspaper's quotes in a campaign mailer attacking his opponent, James Lankford, who said Calvey has not yet apologized for the misrepresentation.

Calvey described his service as a JAG officer in Iraq as "in a foxhole."

Lankford said Calvey's last-minute advertising is "beyond the pale" in terms of the "lies" about Lankford. He cited a mailer that claims "9/11 Families Are Against James Lankford."

Calvey used his KTOK airtime with Reid Mullins to claim Lankford is attacking him on numerous fronts when most observers see it the other way around; Calvey is attacking Lankford in direct mail and advertisements.

Calvey claims the "political establishment" favors Lankford. He defended his opposition to MAPs3 in Oklahoma City and said he takes strong positions while Lankford refused to take a position on that issue.

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