Friday, August 20, 2010

Calvey To Face Questions At News Conference?

Republican congressional candidate Kevin Calvey is likely to face questions when he holds a news conference at 11 a.m. at the Capitol.

The news conference follows a scathing rebuke of Calvey by the publisher of The Edmond Sun, who said Thursday Calvey misrepresented the contents of articles in the newspaper in attacks on his runoff opponent, James Lankford, and used quotes out of context in falsifying the newspaper's position.

The publisher was quoted in an article that began, "A political campaign card in support of former state Rep. Kevin Calvey’s run for Congress falsely attributes a recent statement against Congressional candidate James Lankford to The Edmond Sun."

Lankford cites the postcard as a lie and says it shows Calvey's lack of honesty and character and his desperation as election day approaches.

Calvey's press conference comes as Tuesday's election nears; political observers believe he trails Lankford, who narrowly topped Calvey in the primary, and cite that belief as the reason Calvey has attacked Lankford this week.

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