Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tulsa World Endorses Murphy for Reelection

By The Tulsa World's Editorial Writers ~ After two years in office, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy is asking voters for a full six-year term, and she deserves one.

Educated as a geologist and an attorney and with experience as an administrative law judge for the commission prior to taking office, Murphy was one of the best-prepared commissioners in state history.

Her impressive background allowed her to hit the ground running in a difficult and peculiar job.

In addition to overseeing regulated utilities, the commission is responsible for many aspects of the petroleum and trucking industries.

Murphy has made notable efforts to make sure key issues — such as the coming changes to the telephone area codes in the northeast corner of the state — are properly communicated to consumers.

She also has worked to make sure the commission's rate-setting authority is used in a balanced fashion — keeping energy affordable and reliable.

Because no Democrats or independent candidates filed for the office, the winner of the July 27 primary will get the post.

Murphy's experience and her record of hard work in the past two years distinguish her as the better of the two candidates on the ballot. She deserves the confidence of Republican voters and six more years in office.

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