Friday, July 23, 2010

Tulsa World Endorses Jason Reese For Labor Seat

By The Tulsa World's Editorial Writers ~ The job of state labor commissioner is one that more often than not goes unnoticed by the public, unless something goes wrong, which has been too frequent in the last few years.

Voters in Tuesday's Republican primary have the opportunity to set that department back on course by choosing Jason Reese to challenge the Democratic incumbent, Lloyd Fields in the November election.

Reese received his law degree from the University of Oklahoma and has been in private practice the last three years. He does, however, have experience in state government. He has worked as a staff attorney for the Legislature where, as a member of the Workers Comp Task Force, he was in charge of reviewing all regulations produced by the state.

In addition he has worked on the enforcement of administrative rules for a state agency and aided Oklahoma businesses in compliance with labor, employment and immigrations laws.

He promises to continue his efforts to reform workers compensation law, to add National Guard and Reserve status to protections against employment discrimination and to cut the agency's costs.

A good job at the Labor Commission is one that doesn't draw much attention. It means the boss is doing a good job. We expect Reese will be that boss. Republican voters would do well to put Jason Reese on the November ballot.

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