Friday, July 30, 2010


Mike Thompson today endorsed James Lankford in his 5th District runoff with Kevin Calvey, thus giving Lankford a boost that some had suspected was coming.

The state representative finished third in the GOP congressional primary.

Said Thompson: “On August 24th, voters in Central Oklahoma will have the opportunity to make a critical decision. I ran for Congress because the federal government is out of control. From failed bailouts, the disastrous healthcare takeover, crippling debt and their assault on our economy, Washington politicians have our country on a crash course. If we’re going to stand up for our freedoms, it’s critical we send leaders to Washington who will focus on reform.

"Oklahomans have an opportunity to send a genuine Conservative to Congress. James Lankford is the transformative leader we need. James comes from outside politics and brings a perspective desperately needed in Washington. He doesn’t claim to know how Washington works because, like me, he doesn’t believe it does. He’s honest, straightforward and unlike many politicians, his conservative values won’t change with the environment.

"While I have respect for all of the Republican candidates who ran for the 5th district, I respectfully ask you to join me in voting for James Lankford on August 24th.”

The development is certain to further shake Calvey, who had been perceived as the clear leader in the race until the votes were counted and political novice and former Falls Creek Youth Camp director Lankford eeked out a first-place finish, 33 to 32 percent, in the seven-man primary.

Thompson got about 18 percent, or 10,000, of the votes cast in the primary.

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