Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sparring In The GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Bit of sparring in the Republican gubernatorial primary today.

Senator Randy Brogdon issued a statement in which he writes, "Ask Mary? How can it be that the perceived front-runner has never made a statement proposing a solution to the state's reoccurring budget woes?"

Fallin, however, has stated her general position several times. Her spokesman, Alex Weintz, said, "Mary supports balancing the budget without raising taxes. As governor, she'll require the heads of each agency to go line by line through their budget and justify every dollar spent. She'll make government more efficient and more effective, 'rightsize' agencies that have grown too big, eliminate outdated and ineffective programs and employ targeted budget cuts. Her position on the budget has been clear since the beginning of this campaign, and she will continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility and limited spending."

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