Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rick Flanigan Cries Foul Over Debate Exclusion

Republican congressional candidate Rick Flanigan is ticked off at Oklahoma City's KFOR-TV, Channel 4, because it has excluded him from a debate tomorrow.

But he'll be there anyway, courtesy of personal invitations from four of his five opponents.

In a news release, Flanigan said, "They will be including five of the seven Republican candidates and the two Democratic candidates. Two of the Republican Candidates and the two Independent candidates have intentionally been excluded. The invitations are based upon a recent poll by Sooner Poll. This same poll showed that nearly 30% of respondents are undecided which is higher than for any of the candidates. The poll has a margin of error of 5.6%. KFOR has said that they only invited candidates polling above 2% which statistically would be every Republican candidate in the race since the margin of error is higher than the cutoff...."

Each of the candidates were allowed to invite seven guests as spectators and Rick and Cathie Flanigan will be attending the candidate forum as spectators as they were personally invited by four of the five candidates that will be participating in the forum.

Flanigan said he and his wife, "would like to extend their personal gratitude to James Lankford, Rep Shane Jett, Dr. Johnny Roy, and Rep Mike Thompson for inviting them to be their guests. It is refreshing that most of the candidates in this race believe in open and fair conversation about the issues. The only candidate that did not extend an invitation to Rick Flanigan was former Rep Kevin Calvey. The lack of an invitation from Mr. Calvey is likely attributable to Mr. Flanigan’s recent attacks on Mr. Calvey’s record of authoring HB1559 which extended state benefits to illegal immigrants in the way of in-state tuition and calling into question his fundraising in which 77% of his itemized receipts have come from outside the district or personal loans."

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