Friday, July 16, 2010

Pruitt Campaign Manager Responds To Questions About Candidate's Constitutional Law Credentials

The campaign of Republican candidate for Attorney General Scott Pruitt responded today to a story on the Oklahoma Watchdog website that cites anonymous sources as saying Pruitt’s credentials as a Constitutional lawyer are being questioned.

“This is ridiculous,” stated Pruitt campaign manager Tyler Laughlin. “This is not the first time we have heard about these anonymous tips, but others have contacted Scott and the campaign and quickly found out that these accusations are erroneous,” Laughlin continued.

“After graduating from law school, Scott began Christian Legal Services, Inc. in Tulsa and could be found in the phone book under Constitutional Attorney. Scott’s first case was about defending First Amendment rights – and you can see part of the story on Scott’s website. Scott has been an attorney involved on Constitutional issues in the Eastern and Western Districts of Oklahoma Federal Courts and in the state supreme court of Oklahoma. In fact, Scott’s involvement in Sharp v. Tulsa County Election Board that went before the Oklahoma Supreme Court and was related to the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, was published by West Law.”

“Furthermore, Broken Arrow Public Schools who sought to integrate the First Amendment correctly into the school system selected Scott to participate in advising them and the Southern Baptist Convention has called on Scott’s expertise on church state issues nationally under the First Amendment. These are just two of many examples that prove Scott has the experience we need,” Laughlin continued.

“You simply do not become the statewide point person for the non-profit Rutherford Institute, or be a speaker on church-state relations for one of the nation’s largest religious denominations without having expertise,” Laughlin stated.

“While my political antennae believes that something sinister is behind this tip happening so late in the cycle, I will try to give these ‘anonymous’ tipsters the benefit of the doubt. If they go back and do their research looking for ‘E. Scott Pruitt’ or “Edward Pruitt”, they’ll likely find many more cases of Scott Pruitt
protecting our Constitutional rights,” Laughlin concluded.

Here's the Oklahoma Watchdog's story:

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