Monday, July 19, 2010

Reese Responds To Costello Direct Mail Claims

Republican candidate for labor commissioner Jason Reese today defended himself against a direct mail piece from opponent Mark Costello that he says "grossly misrepresents" his record.

“Mr. Costello has stated he is willing to spend ‘whatever it takes to win this race.’ Now he’s made it clear he’s willing to say whatever it takes to win,” said Jason Reese.

Costello’s mail piece, Reese said, "grossly misrepresents Reese’s record on the issues."

"I am against illegal immigration and am unapologetically in favor of legal immigration."

Reese, a labor and employment attorney with extensive experience in immigration compliance, went on to explain, "No one more knows how unfair illegal immigration is than legal immigrants. In my legal practice, I have assisted businesses statewide in complying with HB1804 and other immigration laws. I will bring that expertise to the Oklahoma Labor Department."

In the mail piece, Costello went on to attack Reese as an attorney “who supports more rules.”

“Mr. Costello is absolutely right,” explained Reese. “I am in favor of a rule on the state level banning workplace discrimination against National Guard and Reserve members. Costello opposes this rule. Voters have a clear choice in this race: a candidate with extensive public and private experience who will stand up for veterans or a glib, fringe candidate utterly lacking in relevant experience critical to the Oklahoma Labor Department.”

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