Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pruitt's Campaign Donors Include Arkansans Sued By The Oklahoma Attorney General's Office

Scott Pruitt, Republican candidate for attorney general, has accepted more than $26,000 in campaign contributions from those associated or affiliated with Arkansas poultry companies the attorney general's office sued in federal court.

The Illinois River watershed pollution case has been controversial; final court action has yet to occur.

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Most prominent among the donors, Pruitt's Ethics Commission report examined by The McCarville Report Online shows, are the two leaders of Tyson Foods in Springdale, Arkansas, John Tyson and Don Tyson. John Tyson donated $5,000 to Pruitt; Don Tyson donated $2,500. The company is a defendant in the suit the state brought, as is Simmons Foods of Siloam Springs; Mark Simmons donated $1,000 to Pruitt.

Donations to Pruitt also came from business owners and others in Springdale and Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Pruitt also accepted $11,000 from owners of McDonald's restaurants; they are among major users of Tyson chicken products.

Pruitt has not yet responded to TMRO's questions about the donations.

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