Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poll: The GOP Race For Attorney General

One of the most competitive races this year is that for the Republican nomination for attorney general with political newcomer Ryan Leonard and political veteran Scott Pruitt the candidates.

A recent statewide poll showed Pruitt ahead, but a huge majority of those polled were undecided.

Leonard, son of District Judge Tim Leonard, has been criss-crossing the state for months and has impressed many with his non-stop campaigning.

Pruitt, former state senator from Broken Arrow who is the managing partner of the Oklahoma RedHawks baseball team, got into the race much later. His 2006 race for lieutenant governor, which he lost, gives him previous statewide ballot exposure that Leonard doesn't have.

A few months back, The McCarville Report Online conducted an unscientific poll, which Leonard won with 65 percent. Have things changed today? Share your opinion in the new poll at top right.

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