Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pinnell: Liberal Democrats Should Apologize

Republican State Chairman Matt Pinnell says Democrats Tom Adelson and Judy Eason McIntyre should apologize for comments criticizing the Legislature as having passed "meaningless pieces of paper."

The two liberal senators made the remark in delivering Obamacare materials to U. S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They mocked the Legislature, with Republicans in the majority, for spending time on the issue.

“Oklahoma voters overwhelming oppose this federal mandated legislation,” said Pinnell, “and for Oklahoma Democrat legislators to call our efforts here to stop it ‘meaningless’ is disgraceful, and they should apologize for the comment.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee and House Speaker Chris Benge stated months ago that Obamacare would impose half a trillion dollars in new taxes on American families. It would cost Oklahoma one billion dollars over the next 10 years in new spending. Coffee and Benge simply said, “The people of our state don’t want it. The taxpayers can’t afford it.”

Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. has said in previous statements: “The bottom line is the typical Oklahoman can expect to pay more for lower quality health care with fewer choices.”

“Our GOP candidates have lead the way in opposing Barack Obama's big government agenda and saying no to Obamacare . I'm proud to say Oklahoma voters will have an opportunity to vote for these candidates this November” concluded Pinnell.

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