Monday, July 26, 2010

Open Secrets: 5th District GOP Money Trail

Open Secrets provides this analysis of donations to the leading candidates for Congress in the 5th District, based on reports to the Federal Election Commission as of July 7th.

The McCarville Report Online's research is included in parenthetical entries.

Mike Thompson
PACs - $81,050, 9% of total (business employee political action committees, for the most part)
Individuals - $829,712, 91% of total (business and corporate leaders have donated a considerable part of this sum and $23,750, or 4%, has come from out of state donors)

Kevin Calvey
PACs - $9,500, 1% of total
Individuals - $619,079, 70% of total (includes $105,050 from the Club For Growth and donations of $52,050, or 18%, from those outside the state)
Self - $250,100, 28% of total

James Lankford
PACs - $1,000, 0% of total
Individuals - $374,470, 99% of total (mostly smaller donations from within the district; $11,650, or 7 percent, from outside the state)
Self - $100, 0% of total

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