Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The NAACP, once a powerful force for good, has become a caricature of itself and continues its decades-long plunge into irrelevancy.

The Gadfly: The NAACP's Road To (Continued) Irrelevancy
By Mike McCarville

The latest demonstration of its impotency comes with a resolution calling on Tea Party organizers to repudiate racism. Hmmm. To "repudiate" something, don't you first have to embrace it? And where's any proof by the NAACP that the Tea Party folks have embraced racism?

The NAACP has lost its way. Had it spent the past 20 or 30 years addressing the critical, and chronic, problems in the black community it could today be a beacon of accomplishment. But it has steadfastly ignored high crime rates, unmarried births, fatherless homes, the growth of gangs and the racism of many within its own ranks.

Instead, it has postured, preened and posed with those who see a racist behind every hard-nosed sheriff or prosecutor, those who oppose Barack Obama's policies or those who oppose affirmative action.

The NAACP needs to listen to Bill Cosby.

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