Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leonard Swamps Pruitt, Totals $890,758

Republican Ryan Leonard swamped his opponent for the nomination for attorney general in the second quarter, raising $280,884 and bringing his total to $890,758.

Leonard reported he has $265,930 in cash on hand.

Leonard's report shows that on July 6th, he received thousands in donations, including several thousand from attorneys in the Riggs Abney law firm, including prominent Democrat and former Attorney General Mike Turpen.
A Matter Of Ethics?
Ryan Leonard's report shows the receipt of donations from Oklahoma City attorney and "Flash Point" co-host Mike Turpen and from the other co-host, Kirk Humphreys. The donations were made before Leonard appeared on the show with Scott Pruitt, yet when the two appeared, there was no up-front disclaimer from the two about their support of Leonard. Turpen did indicate at the end of the show that he supports Leonard.
Scott Pruitt, his Ethics Commission report shows, loaned his campaign $50,000 and raised $230,000, bringing his total for the period to $280,632. That's the same total Pruitt has raised for the entire campaign. He reported he's spent $261,800, leaving him with just a few thousand dollars on hand.

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