Thursday, July 29, 2010

Henry Endorses Askins, As Did Edmondson; But Where Is Randy Brogdon's Support For Mary Fallin?

Governor Henry today endorsed Jari Askins for governor, no surprise, and Askins thus begins the general election campaign with the support of the popular governor and of the man she beat, Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

Edmondson's support was immediate and intense on election night. He said he will work for Askins and help ensure that Oklahoma's next governor is a Democrat.

Republican primary winner Mary Fallin, on the other hand, is still waiting on an endorsement from the man she defeated, Senator Randy Brogdon. Brogdon told reporters on election night he was going to take some time off before deciding whether to endorse Fallin.

On election night, Fallin said she hoped to win the support of Brogdon and his followers.

"Brogdon has said he first wants to take a few days off before making a decision," The Oklahoman reported.

"Senator Brogdon and I have the same common, core values," Fallin said. "We're both conservatives. I think in the end that his supporters will come with us. We're going to continue to fight for our state's rights, and I do believe in our Constitution."

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