Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Consultants Count Their Winners

Among the happy political consultants today are the partners in AH Strategies in Oklahoma City. They are out with a recap of the victories of their candidates in Tuesday's primaries; all of them won or made it into runoffs.

Karl Ahlgren, Fount Holland, Trebor Worthen and Chad Alexander point to the wins of Ken Miller, who won the Republican primary for state treasurer with over 60% of the vote; Todd Lamb, who became the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor; Kevin Calvey, running in a seven-way primary race in the 5th Congressional District, who made the runoff; and Senate candidates Eddie Fields, Frank Simpson, Rick Brinkley, David Holt, Cliff Aldridge, and Mark Allen. They all won their races with more than 60% of the vote. Rob Johnson won his three-way primary outright.

In the Oklahoma House, they said, clients Glen Mulready, Ryan Smith, Dennis Casey, Jadine Nollan, and Tom Newell also won their primaries in landslide victories, exceeding 60% of the vote in each of their races.

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