Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon have run afoul of the law in at least three Oklahoma City area precincts.

Brogdon yard signs were in place within 300 feet of a polling place in Midwest City early this morning and were removed. Two hours later, new Brogdon signs had taken their place, with several placed within 100 feet of the polling place.

Precinct officials called the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department to report the violation.

In northwest Oklahoma City, two report, their polling places also were marked by Brogdon signs within 300 feet of the entrance.

Also in northwest Oklahoma City, State Senate candidate David Holt was startled to find supporters of his opponent well within the 300-foot limit: "I had to call the election board this morning and ask for the police to intervene at precincts 419 (south Quail Creek) and 439 (The Village), where (Matt) Jackson had supporters holding large banners within 50 feet of the door of the polling location. At Quail Creek, they were between the parked cars and the door, and people literally had to walk past them to get in the door."

Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said, "Suspected violations of election law should be pointed out to election officials. Depending on the nature of the reported violation, the election officials may advise or warn the alleged violator of the law, or may report the alleged violation to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, or both. Typically, violations of the law are reported to the Sheriff’s office, the police department in a municipality, or the District Attorney."

Misdemaneor election law violations that sometimes occur on Election Day include:

“Electioneering” within 300 feet of a ballot box.

Unauthorized persons within 50 feet of a ballot box.

Possessing intoxicating liquors within one-half mile of any polling place.

Disclosing to any other person how you voted while within the election enclosure.

A longer list of election law violations can be found on pages 28-30 of the Guide to Statewide Elections, published by the State Election Board. You can download the guide at http://www.ok.gov/elections/documents/Guide10.pdf.

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