Saturday, July 31, 2010

From The Email Que:

The Gadfly Answers Questions
By Mike McCarville

Who'll win this 5th District runoff?
James Lankford.

How did Askins beat Edmondson?
Smart overall campaign. Ground game. That tv commercial promising equal pay for women. Low turnout for Edmondson in Tulsa and northeastern counties.

What questions would you ask Fallin and Askins?
Do you support Obamacare?
Do you support Arizona's immigration law?
Do you favor cutting the budget, or increasing fees and taxes?
Do you believe we need to spend more on public education?
Do you support Governor Henry's highway "spy" camera proposal?

I see you're touting this Muskogee Politico (blog). Are you connected in some way?
Nope. Never met Jamison Faught, but hope to one day. His posts generally are responsible, respectful, informative and spot-on. He puts his name right there with everything he posts; no hiding behind anonymity for him. He also has the youthful enthusiasm that those of us with barnacles can hardly remember.

How much longer do you plan to do TMRO?
I'm only 70. Another 20 or so years, perhaps?

How do you get all this stuff before others do?
Longtime contacts. Lots of folks who give me tips, or hard facts. Constant monitoring of the Internet. Political gut. And getting up early, paying attention.

The other media sometimes uses your stories days or weeks after you do. What's up with that?
Nature of the beast. I jokingly refer to TMRO as a "tip service."

You're a jerk.
Thank you for reminding me of my on-air interview with Jesse Jackson a few years back; he didn't appreciate it when I asked what he does for a living.

Is this going to be a good year for Republicans in Oklahoma?

Why did you quit consulting campaigns?
Too many 23-hour days, too many empty motel/hotel rooms, too many bars, too many miles. Crawled off a jet at Will Rogers late in 1990 and haven't been on a plane since. Don't miss it, either.

Why did you quit radio?
Got tired of hearing myself. Disagreed with management over an issue. 'Nuff said.

Not A Question, But A Kind Comment From Steve:
Just wanted to tell you how much I've appreciated your views, writings, voice and just plain ol' common sense approach in what you communicate. I continue to follow your writings. I just wish I had a Mike McCarville to listen to on KTOK (again). You have been and will continue to be a voice to be respected. Well done and keep it up!


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